Some useful information for Apollo workstation owners running Domain Aegis.

In 1990, I had the opportunity to deliver four Apollo workstations to a customer who had very little experience of any kind with workstations, UNIX machines, or PC's. To help them with some basics I wrote a Survival Guide which described how to setup the initial shipment and how to perform some basic functions. As the Apollo workstations exit the commercial market and end up in the homes of hobbyists and students the need for cheap technical information is going up at a time when the industry is forgetting all about the Apollo's. For experienced Apollo users the information here will be old news. For the unexperienced the information may be of great value!

WARNING: Please resist the urge to email me and ask me Apollo questions. I will probably *IGNORE* requests for free advice unless I get multiple requests from different people, know the answer, and have the time to add it here for all to use. No one pays me anymore to answer Apollo questions and I didn't spend 6 years acquiring knowledge in order to give it away for free in my valuable spare time! Sorry I have to be such a grouch, but I've learned from experience that answering one question leads to two new people with two more questions, etc.

Apollo Workstation Owner's Survival Guide

Example SALVOL procedure
Example CALENDAR procedure
Example CONFIG procedure
Example INVOL procedure
Example FBS procedure
Example CHUVOL procedure
Example DEX procedure
Booting SR10.4 from a cartridge tape
Example SR10.4 INSTALL procedure
Creating initial login REGISTRIES
WD7000 Controller jumper info
Make your own BOOTABLE tapes
Adding extra SCSI drives
Converting from HP/UX to Domain/Aegis
Converting from Domain/Aegis to HP/UX
Re-using Apollo 1024x800 monitor on a PC
Download DN3500 boot EPROM image, 12191 rev 7, 33KB
A list of Apollo Manuals
Download release notes for SR10.4, "rn10_4.gz" 153KB
Download release notes for SR10.4.1, "rn10_4_1.gz" 43KB
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