Running CALENDAR on Apollo Workstations - An Example

Here is a transcript running the stand alone utility 'calendar' to set the time, date, and timezone on an Apollo workstation.

Bold type is user input.

NOTE: ESDI drives are referenced by 'w' but SCSI drives are referenced by 'w6:0' or 'w5:0', etc., where the digit is the SCSI ID.

> re
> re
MD7C REV 1.3, 1988/04/28.09:31:44

>ex calendar
ex calendar

Calendar, revision 10.4, December 2, 1991  6:28:27 pm

Please select the disk [w=Winch|s=Storage mod|f=Floppy|q=Quit][ctrl#:][unit#] [,lvno]. 
  If you do not have a disk, enter none (N):  w

The time-zone is set to 0:00 (UTC).  Would you like to reset it? y

Please input the time-zone by entering either:

   . a time-zone identifier (EST, EDT, CST, CDT, MST, MDT, PST, PDT,
     GMT, or UTC), or
   . the difference between your time-zone and Universal Coordinated Time in
     the form "hour:minutes" or "-hour:minutes  (e.g. 9:00, -3:00).
     Time-zone differences west of Greenwich are negative and those east 
     are positive.

Time-zone: mst

The calendar date/time is 1996/08/24 16:49:41 MST.  
Would you like to reset it? y

Please enter today's date (year/month/day): 1996/08/25
Please enter the local time in 24 hour format (hour:minute): 10:21
The calendar is being reset forward by more than 5 minutes.
Is the above information correct? y

The calendar has been set to: 
1996/08/25 10:21:00 MST (1996/08/25 17:21:00 UTC).

If running online, you should now shutdown and reboot the system to run with
the new calendar setting.


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