Apollo Domain/Aegis Documentation

Sometimes knowing what you don't have is the first step in identifying what you should ask for. The following is a listing of Apollo documentation that was once available for the Apollo workstations. This can give you an idea of what manual to go searching for.

     Manuals - User Documentation in Print

     This list of Domain/OS manuals in print contains manuals that
     are pertinent to SR10.4-based software as well as basically
     obsolete manuals.  The ones that are essentially obsolete may
     still be useful for pre-SR10.4 software.  They're marked with
     an asterisk (*)

     Most refer to Domain/OS and have Apollo-style publication
     numbers (e.g., nnnnnn-A0m); a few have HP-style
     publication numbers (e.g., Bnnnn-900mm). Some have a hybrid
     version (e.g., D-nnnnn-A), which places a D in front of the
     Apollo-style  number and uses A, B, and so on to replace
     -A00, -A01 and so on -- unless the book is new with SR10.4,
     in which case an E is used instead of A, B, or C.



         Apollo Documentation Quick Reference          002685-A04* 
         Domain Documentation Master Index             011242-A00*


     Software Installation Manuals

         Installing Domain Software                    008860-A03
         Making the Transition to SR10 Operating       011435-A02*          
         System Releases                  

     Using Manuals
         BSD UNIX User's Manual:  Volume II            017623-A00
         BSD UNIX User's Manual: Volume I              017271-A00 
         DPSS/Mail User's Guide                        003660-A00
         Getting Started with Domain/OS                002348-A00
         Getting Started with SysV STREAMS             012276-A00
         SysV User's Guide:  Volume II                 017624-A00 
         SysV User's Guide: Volume I                   017269-A00
         Using Your Aegis Environment                  011021-A00
         Using Your BSD Environment                    011020-A00
         Using Your SysV Environment                   011022-A00                                                           

     System Administration Manuals
         Administering the Optical Disk Library        018904-A00
         System on Domain/OS
         Domain/OS System Administration Guide         019001-A00
         Domain/OS System Administration Reference     019208-A00
         Printing in the Domain/OS Environment:
         System Administrator's and Programmer's Guide 011774-A02

     Managing Manuals
         Administering the Domain/OS Registry          015363-A00   
         Managing Aegis System Software                010852-A00*
         Managing BSD System Software                  010853-A00*
         Managing SysV System Software                 010851-A00*
         Managing the Audit Subsystem                  016339-A01
     Programming and Reference Manuals

         Aegis Command Reference                       002547-A00
         BSD  Programmer's Reference                   005801-A01
         BSD UNIX Programmer's Manual                  017272-A01   
         Domain Display Manager Command Reference      011418-A00
         Domain/OS BSD Command Reference               005800-A02
         Domain/OS Call Reference, Volume 1            007196-A01
         Domain/OS Call Reference, Volume 2            012888-A01
         Domain/OS Call Reference, Volume 3            019409-A00
         Domain/OS Standards Compliance Document       019207-A00
         Domain/OS SysV Command Reference              005798-A02
         Programming  with the SysV Streams            012205-A00
         Transport Interface
         Programming With Domain/OS Calls              005506-A01
         Programming With System Calls for             005696 00
         Interprocess Communication
         SysV Programmer's Guide: Volume I             017270-A00   
         SysV Programmer's Reference                   005799-A01 
         SysV Programmers' Guide:  Volume II           017625-A00
         Writing Device Drivers with GPIO Calls        000959-A00

     X Window System
         Introduction to the X Window System           017133-A00
         Using the X Window System [Xdomain]           B1171-90043
         Using the X Window System on Apollo           015213-A02
         X Protocol Reference Manual [O'Reilly Vol. 0] 017140-A00 
         X Toolkit Intrinsics Reference Manual         017132-A00
         [O'Reilly Vol. V]        
         X Toolkit Programming Manual                  017131-A00
         [O'Reilly Vol.IV]    
         X Window System User's Guide                  015534-A00
         [O'Reilly Vol. III] 
         Xlib Programming Manual [O'Reilly Vol. I]     011241-A00 
         Xlib Reference Manual                         013418-A00
         [O'Reilly Vol. II] 


         Analyzing Program Performance with Domain/PAK 008906-A00*
         Analyzing Program Performance with HP/PAK     008906-A01
         Domain Distributed Debugging Environment      011024-A01
         Domain/OS Design Principles                   014962-A01
         Domain/OS Floating-Point Guide                015853-A00
         Domain/OS Programming Environment Reference   011010-A01 
         Using the Open System Toolkit to Extend       008863 01
         Your Domain Streams

     Domain Software Engineering Environment (DSEE)
         Domain Software Engineering Environment       003016-A00
         (DSEE) Reference
         Getting Started with the Domain Software      008788-A01
         Engineering  Environment (DSEE)
         Using the Domain Software Engineering         015798-A00
         Environment (DSEE)

     D3M Database
         Introduction to D3M                           001950 00*
         How to Design, Define and Operate             004302-A00*
         a D3M Database
         How to Use the D3M/Dataview Formatter         004304-A00*
         How to Write DML Programs                     004303-A00*



         Domain/Dialogue User's Guide                  004299 01*
         Getting Started With Domain/Dialogue          010218 00*

     Open Dialogue
         Creating User Interface with                  011167-A02*
         Open Dialogue                                                     
         Customizing Open Dialogue                     011166-A02* 
         Open Dialogue Reference                       012807-A02*

         Programming with the Text Management Library  011281-A00*
         The Text Management Library Call Reference    011280-A00*

         Configuring the OSF/Motif Window Manager      017169-A00
         HP OSF/Motif Programmer's Guide               98794-90005 
         HP OSF/Motif Programmer's Reference           98794-90006
         HP OSF/Motif Style Guide                      98794-90007
     HP Visual User Environment
         HP VUE Application Notes for the Advanced     5091-2718E
         User or System Administrator 
         HP VUE Quick Start                            015913-A00*
         HP VUE User's Guide                           015914-A00*
         HP Visual User Environment                    B1171-90044
         System Administration Manual                              
         HP Visual User Environment Configuration      B1171-90046
         Guide for Domain/OS Systems 


         AT&T C++ Language System -- Abridged          017823-A01
         Ada Language Reference Manual                 008684 00
         C++ Primer [Addison-Wesley]                   017997-A00 
         Common LISP: The Language                     015458-A00
         Domain FORTRAN Language Reference             000530-A01
         Domain Pascal Language Reference              000792-A01
         Domain/Ada Development System Reference       008917-A02
         Domain/Ada Quick Reference                    010978-A02   
         Domain/C Language Reference                   002093-A01
         Domain/C++ Programmer's Guide                 017874-A01
         Domain/Common LISP User's Guide               008791-A01
         Domain/CommonLISP Advanced User's Guide       015738-A01 
         Domain/CommonLISP Tool Reference - Volume 1   015739-A01
         Domain/CommonLISP Tool Reference - Volume 2   017146-A00
         HP Codelibs Library Reference                 018885-A00
         The Annotated C++ Reference Manual            018886-A00


     General Graphics
         Domain 4014 User's Guide                      005224 00
         Domain Graphics Instruction Set               009791-A01
         Domain/GKS Function Rerence                   017727-A00 
         Programming With Domain Core Graphics         001955 02
         Programming With Domain Graphics              009797-A01
         Service Routines
         Programming with Domain/GKS                   018160-A00

     Graphics Primitives Resource (GPR)
        Domain Standard Graphics Call Reference:       007194-A00
        GPR and CTM    
        Domain Standard Graphics Quick Reference:      010430-A00
        GPR and CTM
        Programming With Domain Graphics Primitives    005808-A00

     Domain 2D Graphics Metafile Resources
         Domain 2D Graphics Metafile Resource          009793-A00
         Call Reference
         Programming with Domain 2D Graphics           005097-A00
         Metafile Resources

     Domain 3D Graphics Metafile Resources
         Domain 3D Graphics Metafile Resources         005812-A01
         Call Reference
         Programming With Domain 3D Graphics           005807-A01
         Metafile Resources

         Domain/PHIGS Call Reference                   009702-A00  
         Programming with Domain/PHIGS                 009701-A00

         HP-PHIGS FORTRAN Binding Reference  Vol. 1    B1759-90001   
         HP-PHIGS FORTRAN Binding Reference  Vol. 2              
         HP-PHIGS Graphics Techniques Vol. 1           B1759-90000            
         HP-PHIGS Graphics Techniques Vol. 2                        
         HP-PHIGS Workstation Characteristics          B1759-90002
         and Drivers

     Domain 5080 Emulator
         Installing the Domain 5080 Emulator           010045 01
         Managing the Domain 5080 Emulator             010047 01
         Planning for the Domain 5080 Emulator         010265 01 
         Using the Domain 5080 Emulator                010046 01



     Site Planning
         Managing Network Backups With HP OmniBack     B2146-90001 
         Planning Domain Networks and Internets        009916-A01  
         Planning Information for Domain IEEE 802.5    014818-A00
         Networks and Internets
         Using NFS on the Domain Network               D-010414-B

     Task Broker 
         Task Broker User's Guide                      B1731-90001*
         Task Broker Administrator's Guide             B1731-90003*

     Apollo Token Ring Network
         ATR-RNS Installation Summary                  014961-A00
         Apollo Token Ring Media Access Control Layer  010005 00
         and Physical Layer Protocols
         Apollo Token Ring Network Controller-VME      016696-A00
         Installation Information
         Apollo Token Ring Type 1 Adapter Cable        016978-A00
         Installation Information         
         Installing Coaxial Cable and Accessories      009860-A00
         for an Apollo Token Ring Network    
         Installing and Operating the Domain/DFL100    008626 00
         Fiber  Interface Unit
         Isolating Faults in the Apollo Token Ring     014447-A00
         Planning for the ATR-RNS                      012798-A00  
         Using the Network Topology Control (NTC)      013419-A00

         Configuring and Managing TCP/IP               008543-A03
         Making the Transition to SR10 TCP/IP          011717-A00*
         in an Internet
         Managing Domain/OS and Domain Routing         005694-A01
         Using TCP/IP Network Applications             008667-A00

     DEC Interconnect Products
         Managing Apollo/TECHnet                       014627-A01
         Managing the Domain/Access Application        010173 01 
         Planning for Apollo/TECHnet                   014625-A01     
         Programmer's Reference for Apollo/TECHnet     016337-A00           
         Using Apollo/TECHnet                          014626-A01         
         Using the Domain/Access Application           008012 02

     IBM Interconnect Products Domain/SNA 
         Domain/LU 6.2 Transaction Verb Reference      010017-A00 *
         Managing the Domain/LU 6.2 Gateway            008919-A00 *
         Managing the Domain/SNA-3270 Gateway          007763-A00 *
         Managing the Domain/SNA-3770 Gateway          011901-A00 *
         Planning for the Domain/LU 6.2 Gateway        008918-A00 *
         Planning for the Domain/SNA-3770 Gateway      012882-A00 *
         Using the Domain/SNA-3270 Gateway             007762-A00 *
         Using the Domain/SNA-3770 Gateway             012881-A00 *

     IBM Interconnect Products  Apollo/Integrated SNA 
         Apollo/Integrated SNA LU 6.2 Transaction      010017-A01
         Verb Reference    
         Configuring and Managing the                  007763-A01
         Apollo/Integrated SNA Facility   
         Planning for Apollo/Integrated SNA            007760-A01
         Using Apollo/Integrated SNA 3270              007762-A01

        Domain X.25
        Managing Domain/X.25(for X.25 ver 3.0)         013588-A00
        Planning for Domain/X.25 (for X.25 ver 3.0)    013586-A00   
        Using Domain/X.25 (for X.25 ver 3.0)           013587-A00 
        X.25 PSN Connection                            5958-3402

     PC Interconnect Products
         Domain/PCI Personal Computer Interconnect     007457-A00
         Installation and Administration                               
         Installing Domain/PCC in Your Series          009501 01
         Using Domain/PCC Compatibility Products       009498 01
         Using the Domain/PCI Personal Computer        007460-A01

         802.3 Network Controller-VME Plus             016697-A00
           Installation Information 
         Apollo Token Ring Network Controller-AT       010616-A01
           Installation Information                                               
         IEEE 802.5 Network Controller-AT Software     016336-A00
           Installation Procedure             
         Installing the 802.3 Network Controller-AT    010614-A00
         Installing the 802.5 Network Controller-AT    014448-A01
         Installing the Apollo Token Ring Network      010616-A00
         Installing the Domain/ComController Product   007761-A00
         Installing the Serial Controller-AT           011904-A01 
         Unpacking and Installing the                  008265 01
         Unpacking and Installing the Domain/BRIDGE    005697 01

         Licensing Software Products with the          011273-A01      
         Network License System
         Managing NCS Software                         011895-A02
         Managing Software Products with the           011272-A01
         Network License System
         Network Computing Architecture (NCA) Protocol 010201-A00
         Network Computing System Reference Manual     010200-A00 



         PostScript Language Reference                 007765 00
         Printing in the Aegis Environment             011774-A00*
         Printing in the Aegis Environment             011774-A00*
         UNIX Text Processing                          011018-A00
         Using Transcript with Domain/OS               012887-A00*


     General Systems Documentation
         Domain Hardware Site Planning Specifications  009859-A01
         Domain Hardware Utilities Reference           014881-A00
         Installation Summary for the DQC-100 Network  008665 Rev 02
         Controller (Network Connector Tip Sheet)                   
         Servicing Domain Monitors                     009349-A01 
         Using Domain Diagnostics, Volume 1            009329-A03
         Using Domain Diagnostics, Volume 2            011775-A01 
         Using Domain Diagnostics, Volume 3            011776-A01
         Using Domain Diagnostics, Volume 4            A1631-90603

     Domain Series 2500
         Adding SCSI Devices to your Domain            017735-A00 
         Series 2500
         Domain Series 2500 Installation Instructions  015462-A01 
         Domain Series 2500 Memory Installation        016804-A01
         Domain Series 2500 Owner's Guide              015463-A01 
         Domain Series 2500 Technical Reference        015945-A00  
         Installation Instructions for U200IS and      017394-A00 
         Installing a 200-MB Winchester Disk into the  017274-A00
         Domain Series 2500 (A-ADD-200I)     
         Installing the Disk Expansion Module (DEM)    017517-A00
         onto the Domain Series 2500  
         Servicing the Domain Series 2500              015461-A00 

     Domain Series 3000/Series 4000
         Adding Third-Party  AT-Compatible Options to  010332-A00
         Domain Workstations and Writing Device Drivers
         Adding a Winchester or Floppy Disk Drive to   013492-A00
         Your Personal Workstation  
         Domain Personal Workstations Address          015111-A02
         and Request Lines Worksheet
         Domain Personal Workstations Floating-Point   013077-A00
         Accelerator Handbook                                  
         Domain Personal Workstations Power Ratings    015110-A03
         Domain Personal Workstations and Servers      007861-A01
         Hardware Architecture Handbook
         Domain Personal Workstations and Servers      008778-A03
         Technical  Reference
         Installing Graphics Controllers in the        010409-A02
         PC Compatible Bus                                        
         Installing Memory in the Domain               010615-A01
         Personal Workstations and Servers
         Operating The Domain Personal Workstations    007858-A00
         and Servers
         Servicing the DN3040/DN4040 Workstation and   011400-A01
         the DSP3040/DSP4040 Server
         Servicing the Domain Personal Workstations    007859-A03
         and Servers
         Unpacking and Installing Your DN3040/DN4040   011398-A01
         Workstation and the DSP3040/DSP4040 Server
         Unpacking and Installing Your Domain          007857-A02
         Personal Workstations and Servers
         Upgrading a DN3500/DN4000 to DN3500/DN4000-F  013719-A00 
         Upgrading the Series 30XX to a Series 3500    013632-A00

     Domain Series 10000 
        Operating the Series 10000 Workstation         012880-A00
        and Server                                              
        Series 10000 Configuration Worksheet           013918-A02
        Series 10000 Programmer's Handbook             011404-A01
        Series 10000 Technical Reference Library,      011720-A00
        Volume 1 -Processors and Instruction Set    
        Series 10000 Technical Reference Library,      011721-A00
        Volume 2 -I/0 Devices        
        Series 10000 Technical Reference Library,      011723-A00
        Volume 4 -Network Controllers     
        Series 10000 Technical Reference Library,      011724-A00
        Volume 5 -Hardware Specifications       
        Servicing the Series 10000 Workstation         011719-A01
        and Server                                            
        Unpacking and Installing the Series 10000      011903-A00
        Workstation and Server                       
        802.3 Network Controller-VME Plus              016697-A00
        Installation Information   
        Unpacking and Installing the Disk/Multiple     016654-A01
        Disk Expansion Module for the Series 10000   
        Unpacking and Installing the NTSC/PAL Video    017436-A00
        Output Board into a Domain Series 10000VS

     HP Apollo 9000 Series 400 Documentation:
        HP Apollo 9000 Model 400s and 433s             A1421-90004 
        Configuration Worksheet                        
        HP Apollo 9000 Series 400 Installation Guide   A1421-90001
        Model 400s, 433s
        HP Apollo 9000 Series 400 Installation Guide   A1630-90001
        Model 400dl, 400t, 425t  
        HP Apollo 9000 Series 400 Service Handbook     A1630-90009
        HP Apollo 9000 Series 400 Workstation          A1630-90005
        Domain/OS Owner's Guide  
        HP Apollo 9000 Series 400 Workstation          A1630-90006
        HP-UX Owner's Guide       
        Installing a 200-MB Winchester Disk into the   A1630-90003
        HP Apollo Series 9000 Model 400t and 425t
        Installing the A1096A VRX Monochrome           A1096-90000
        Graphics Board     
        Installing the Disk Expansion Module Onto the  A1630-90008
        HP Apollo Series 9000 Model 400t and 425t
        Servicing the HP Apollo 9000 Series 400        A1630-90007

        Cartridge Tape Controller Installation        016698-A00
        Information  [for Series 10000]   
        Installing Input/Output (I/O) Devices         008268-A00 
        for Domain Nodes
        Installing and Programming                    009798-A00
        the Domain SPE Option                    
        Installing the FSD-500                        008267 01
        Installing the Imagen Laser Printers          008266 01
        Installing the MSD-1600                       008263 01
        Installing the MSD-300M                       008262 01
        Installing the MSD-6250                       007456-A00     
        Installing the Tablet                         008257 00
        Operating the Disk/Multiple Disk Expansion    012947-A03  
        Module  [all systems] 
        Unpacking and Installing the Apollo Lighted   016756-A00 
        Programmable Function Keyboard (LPFK)  
        Unpacking and Installing the Disk/Multiple    016411-A00  
        Disk Expansion Module for the Personal
        Workstation  and Servers
        Unpacking and Installing the Domain           004678 00  
        Peripheral Cabinet

         HP-GL/2 Plotter Interface Installation        A1900-90001
         IKON 92 Parallel Interface Installation       016699-A00 
         Information [for series 10000] 
         Installing and Operating the                  009906 01  
         Tektronix 4692 Printer Interface  
         Installing the APPLE  LaserWriter Printer     007864 01 
         in a Domain System                                    
         Installing the Domain/Laser-26 Printer        007851 01 
         in a Domain System
         Installing the Laser Printer                  008266 Rev 01
         Installing the Multi-Mode Printer             008258 00
         Installing the Printer/Plotter                008261 01
         LaserJet PCL Printer Interface Installation   A1904-90600 
         LaserJet PostScript Printer Installation      017932-A01 
         Operating the Domain/Laser-26 Printer         007852 01 
     Hewlett-Packard Workstation Monitors
         Hewlett-Packard 98778A Monitor Installation   98778-90001
         Hewlett-Packard 98779A Monitor Installation   98779-90001
         Hewlett-Packard 98774A Monitor Installation   98774-90001
         Servicing Hewlett-Packard Workstation         5960-1511

         DOC PKG APOLLO PROD SRVCG GD                  D-016011-0 
         Product Servicing Summary - Servicing the     012945-A02
         Disk/Multiple Disk Expansion Module on the
         Personal Workstations [all but 2500 and 10k] 
         Chapter 1 - Product Servicing Summary for     015337-A00
         the Series 10000 Workstation and Server   
         Chapter 2 - Product Servicing Summary for     016655-A00
         the Multiple Disk Expansion Module for
         the Series 10000       
         Cover Notice for Chapter 3 - Product          018147-A00
         Servicing Summary for the Disk Expansion 
         Module on the Series 2500

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