DN3500 boot EPROM upgrade

The link below will start a download of a compressed data file in zip format. Once the file is unzipped it will be in HEX ASCII format, suitable for use on DATA I/O and other EPROM programmers.

It supplies boot EPROM part number 12191, revision 7, which is only for a DN3500 or DN3550.

If you have a DN3500, with a motherboard part number of 015862 or later, or motherboard 011858 rev 6 or later, and your boot EPROM is not at least 12191-5, then this EPROM image can be useful to you. If you do not have these minimum motherboard revisions, then this EPROM upgrade will do you no good!

Your EPROM is either a AM29C512 or AM29512 or equivalent, and can be erased and reprogrammed with the later EPROM image available here. Once this is done, your workstation will support using the WD7000 controller card and therefore higher capacity SCSI disks.

click here to download, 33KB

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