Converting from HP/UX to Aegis/Domain

If you have an Apollo 425t/425e/433s workstation which is currently running HP/UX and would like to convert it to run Aegis/Domain then you will need a few items:

  • A Domain keyboard and 3 button mouse
  • Domain/Aegis boot media or another workstation running Domain/Aegis with O/S source on it

    Plug in you Domain keyboard and turn on the machine. As the workstation attempts to find a bootable drive press the "ESC" key.

    At the "Select System:" prompt enter C to get the config menu

    At the "Config Control:" prompt enter 1 to select domain

    At the "Config Control:" prompt enter E to execute the boot

    This should result in the non-violatile boot PROM being changed to attempt to boot the Domain/Aegis from this point on.

    Proceed to boot from tape or diskless from another Domain/Aegis workstation and continue the O/S load.

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