Salvaging Disks on Apollo Workstations - An Example

Here is a transcript of a disk salvage done using the EMT terminal emulator to access the Apollo server connected to serial port #2 on the DN5500. Bold type is user input, the server has already been shut down.

NOTE 1: You can not run SALVOL on a mounted volume or a volume in use. Instead, shut down the workstation and bring up the standalone version.

NOTE 2: ESDI drives are referenced by 'w' but SCSI drives are referenced by 'w6:0' or 'w5:0', etc., where the digit is the SCSI ID.

$ emt
emt> line 2
emt> raw
emt> EMT remote mode... Fl to exit.
> re
> re
MD7C REV 8.00, 1989/08116.17:23:52
> ex salvol

low: 01020000 high: 0109129A start: 010200E6

Salvol - Offline(7), revision 10.4, December 2, 1991 7:34:37 pm
Select disk: [w=Winch|f=Floppy|q=Quit][ctrl#:][unit#] w
Salvol options:
	-a : read all blocks in all files
	-f : fix disk errors without prompting
	-n : only salvage if disk needs it
	-s : print statistics at the end of salvage
	-t : terminal mode, do not pause during output
	-v : verify only (don't write anything to disk)
Please input lvnum (1)[-option]...: 1 -f -a -s -t

Preparing file list...

Salvaging... % complete

Verifying reference counts...

 ---  Salvage complete on logical volume: 1---

 301931 Kb free, previously 301913 Kb free, total capacity: 329388 Kb
 885 objects were found using a total of 26056 Kb, average length 29 Kb
 115 directories; 150 links; 8 catalogued objects not found

Salvage complete

Anything more to do? n

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