Adding higher capacity SCSI drives to Apollo workstations.
last revised: 31-Aug-2001

When originally released, the Apollo DNxxxx series of workstations did not support the use of SCSI drives, only the ESDI type drives were supported with a maximum size of 760MB unformatted. The higher capacity drives were supported with a Western Digital controller card model WD7000. This card had both SCSI and ESDI interfaces but the O/S only supported the SCSI interface for use with cartridge tape drives, CDROM drives, and tape backup units.

When the 425t and 433s were introduced they used SCSI drives but initially in sizes of 200MB or 400MB for the 425t and 660MB for the 433s or external enclosures.

Finally, with patches to SR10.4 and SR10.4.1, use of SCSI drives are supported! This allows connections of SCSI drives up to 2GB in size to the WD7000, or 4GB on a 425t or 433s.

WD7000 Compatibility

WD7000 Usage Notes and Restrictions

425t & 433s Usage Notes and Restrictions

The following steps describe how to configure a SCSI disk for use with a WD7000 controller:

1. Set the SCSI ID to a non-conflicting ID between 2 and 6, connect cables, and boot up your workstation. For the remainder of this example we will use SCSI ID=3 as our example.

2. Use 'scsi_info' to determine that your workstation can see your drive and report its brand and model. Scsi_info is usualy found under the /systest/ssr_util directory.

3. Obtain and install proper patches for the O/S you are using, then reboot.

4. Run online 'invol'

5. Select option '7', disk device is 'w3:0'. This will reformat the drive as it initializes the badspot list. For a SCSI drive you will usually have no bad spots reported. This operation can take multiple hours. Be patient. If option '7' won't work and reports an error or crashes out, then most likely the badspot list on the drive was unreadable. Try running the find badspots utility, FBS, to format the drive and reinitialize the badspot list.

6. After the badspot initialization completes you should select option '1 -f' to initialize a virgin volume. The "-f" skips the formatting as we just did that in the previous step. For verification options it is your choice. The safest choice is '3' write and re-read all blocks although this will take a large amount of time.

7. After the 'invol' choice 1 completes, exit invol and mount the disk as directory '/usr2' using mtvol:
mtvol w3:0 /usr2

A list of SCSI disk brands and models and their usage success:

status  O/S      notes brand/model
------  --------  ---  ----------------------------------
works   10.3.5         CDC 94181-15, 600 MB, SCSI-1
works   6   Fujitsu M2623F-512, 400 MB, SCSI-2
works   6   Fujitsu M2624F-512, 500 MB, SCSI-2
works       Fujitsu M2694ES 1.0 GB
works   10.4.1         Fujitsu M2694S-512 1.08 GB, SCSI-1
works   7   HP C2235 400 MB
works  5,7  HP C2276S 660 MB, SCSI-1
works   6   HP C3010, 2 GB, SCSI-2
works   10.4.1     9   HP C3325A 2.0 GB
works      HP 97560-300 1.3 GB
works   5   HP C3725S 2.14 GB, SCSI-2
works   4   HP 97549T 1 GB, SCSI-2
works   8   HP 97558-300, 1 GB  SCSI-2
works   4   IBM DPES-31080, 1 GB, SCSI-2
works   10.4.1         IBM DORS-32160, 2.0 GB
works   6   IBM OEM 0664M1H, 2 GB, SCSI-2 
works   10.3.5         Imprimus, 1GB, SCSI-1
works   10.3.5         Maxtor PO12-S, 1 GB, SCSI-1
works  6,11 Micropolis 1528-15MB, 1.3GB 
works   10.3.5    6    Micropolis 1528-15MB, 1.3GB 
works   10.3.5         Quantum Lightning 730S, 730MB, SCSI-1
works   10.3.5         Quantum ProDrive 1225S 1.2 GB
works   10.4.1         Quantum Fireball 1080
works   10.4.1         Quantum Fireball 1280S 1.3 GB, SCSI-2
works       Quantum Fireball QM-32100-SE-S 2.1 GB, SCSI-2
works   5   Quantum Fireball 3200S 3.2 GB, ultra SCSI-2
works   8   Rodime R03000T, 200 MB, SCSI-1 
works   10.4.1         Seagate ST1480 SUN0424, 424 MB
works   10.4.1         Seagate ST31200N 1 GB
works   10.3.5         Seagate ST41200N 1 GB
works   10.4.1     9   Seagate ST41650N 1.3 GB
works   6   Seagate ST32550N 2 GB, SCSI-2
works   6   Seagate ST32155N 2 GB, SCSI-2
works   7   Seagate ST32550N 2.1 GB, SCSI-2
works      Seagate ST41600N 1.3 GB
works   10.4.1     9   Seagate ST51080N (Medalist SL) 1.0GB
works   10.4.1     6   Seagate ST15150N (Baracuda) 4.3GB, SCSI-2
works  12  Seagate ST15150N (Baracuda) 4.3GB, SCSI-2

fails   10.4.1     6   Conner CFP2105 2.0 GB
fails       Fujitsu M2624S
fails   10.4.1     3   Micropolis 2112-15MQ1094802, 1.0 GB
fails   10.3.5     10  Quantum Fireball 1080 1.0 GB
fails   8   Rodime R03000T, 200 MB, SCSI-1 
fails   10.4.1     2   Seagate ST11200N
fails   ?          1   SUN 2.1 GB (Seagate Hawk)
1) more info needed on O/S and environment
2) DN4500, 10.4.1, would not spin up
3) DN4500, 10.4.1, would not low level format
4) using WD7000 in DN3500 with 015652-4 motherboard, 12191-7 boot prom
5) using WD7000 in DN5500
6) using 425t or 400t
7) had to format on 425t before using on WD7000
8) using DN5500 / WD7000
9) failed with SR10.4, needed 10.4.1
10) reported to work with 10.4.1
11) using 433s
12) using 433t and patch kit PD97_MPB09

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