Converting from Domain/Aegis to HP/UX

If you have an Apollo 425t/425e/433s workstation which is currently running Domain/Aegis and would like to convert it to run HP/UX then you must have:

  • An HP/UX keyboard with HIL interface and 3 button mouse
  • HP/UX boot media

    The following keyboard and mouse part numbers should work:
    keyboards - C1429A, C1429B, or 46021A
    mice - A2838A or 46060B

    The support of HP/UX for Apollo's has been discontinued. The last O/S is reported to be 9.03. The O/S media is reported to be available from cartridge tape, 4mm DAT, and CDROM. Be aware the the cartridge tape drive supported under HP/UX and the cartridge tape drive suppored under Domain/Aegis are different mechanisms and incompatible. In fact, the HP/UX cartridge tape drive is incompatible with almost every other cartridge drive on unix machines. You would be better off trying to locate CDROM source.

    Plug in you HP/UX keyboard and turn on the machine. As the workstation attempts to find a bootable drive press the "ESC" key.

    At the "Select System:" prompt enter C to get the config menu

    At the "Config Control:" prompt enter 2 to select HPUX

    At the "Config Control:" prompt enter E to execute the boot

    This should result in the non-violatile boot PROM being changed to attempt to boot HP/UX from this point on.

    Insert your bootable media into the CDROM, 4mm DAT, or HP/UX cartridge drive and cycle the power. The system will search for bootable devices and should identify the peripheral with the boot media as one of your bootable choices.

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