The Great Pyramid as Proof of God - by Tim Hunkler

One of my hobbies and interests is in the Great Pyramid. I've spent a few years reading everything I can get my hands on in the local library and from some books still in print. Along the way I began to summarize the various incredible symbolisms reported in my various readings and have begun to publish them here as I have time.

The Great Pyramid Symbolisms - A Summary Reference Sheet
Pyramid Books reference list
Selected book reviews of Pyramid Books
Pictures from my visit to Egypt in 1999.
You can jump to a specific part of the symbolisms reference by the following topic index:
  • Custom Units of Measure
  • Construction and Dimensions
  • Secret Rooms
  • Geometric Relations
  • Geophysical and Astronomical Relations
  • Prophecies
  • Miscellaneous
  • Reference Constants
  • Reference Sources

    A Picture Tour of selected symbolisms and other features of the Great Pyramid
    consisting of some of the diagrams and pictures listed below, with descriptive text.

    Some digitized sketches, diagrams, and pictures related to the Great Pyramid:

  • Great Pyramid - cross section showing relative position of chambers and passages (6K)
  • Passage System - more detail, but low quality image after size reduction (16K)
  • King's Chamber and Antechamber leading to it from the Grand Gallery (10K)
  • Air Shafts of the King's and Queen's Chambers (11K)
  • Precession of the Equinoxes (6K)
  • Campbell's Chamber, top relieving chamber above King's Chamber - [15,107] 64K
  • Lady Arbuthnot's Chamber 4th relieving chamber above King's Chamber - [15,107] 179K
  • Nelson's Chamber 3rd relieving chamber above King's Chamber - [15,107] 269K
  • The Pit at the bottom of the descending passage - [18,115] 11K
  • Complex Fulcrum proposed machine for lifting blocks during construction - [18,258] 29K
  • Fulcrum as described by Herodotus - [18,259] 27K
  • Possible Secret Passage in the King's Chamber - [18,270] 6K
  • Possible Secret Entrance west of Northeast corner of the Great Pyramid - [18,276] 10K
  • Hinged doors that would swing outward - [18,293] 8K
  • Hinged doors that would swing inward without gaps, proposed by J.P. Lepre - [18,294] 4K
  • Curvature of Pyramid faces how this is achieved - [18,66] 8K
  • Corner sockets with mortise and tenon casing stones - [18,70] 12K
  • Girdle stones in the ascending passage - [18,77] 4K
  • Detail of a girdle stone - [18,77] 5K
  • Top of Grand Gallery looking into passage to King's Chamber - [18,86] 11K
  • King's Chamber showing the relieving chambers - [18,93] 29K
  • The Coffer a potential lid and closure mechanism - [18,96] 12K
  • Detail of air passage showing how it's shape changes 3 times - [18,98] 4K
  • Small door at upper end of airshaft in Queen's Chamber - [117,169a] 37K
  • Great Pyramid Text of Isaiah 19, in Hebrew - [25,59] 22K
  • Christ Angle at intersection of Ascending Passage and Queen's Chamber passage - [25,77] 9K
  • Great Seal of the United States, one variation considered but not chosen - [25,96] 11K
  • 1858 photo of Great Pyramind and the Sphinx - [116,93] 134K
  • Descending Passageway, view looking down the shaft - [117,167b] 37K
  • Queens Chamber, with a view of the niche in the east wall - [117,167c] 30K
  • Composite Areal Photo, the Giza plateau - [117,171b] 168K

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