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5/22/2003 : I lost my wife recently, and now must raise three girls ages 7/11/13 on my own. So this reading list will take much, much longer to get to and will need to remain a hobby for years to come.

8/18/2001 : For the past 9 months I have been successfully expanding my book collection, which means I now have years more reading to do and dozens and dozens of short reviews to catch up on!

PLEASE! If you would like to contribute a book review just send me the details and I will add it to this page. It should be short, from 5-10 lines, and indicate whether you want your name credited and/or your email address linked in for those who may have questions.

4: The Authorship and Message of the Great Pyramid, 306 p.,1953 by Julian T. Gray, E. Steinmann & Co, Cincinnati

Heavy on math, geometry, and religion. Has lots and lots of measurements, geophysical relationships, etc. The author must have spent a lifetime on this one. Some of the religious meanings attributed to the pyramid measures are a bit of a stretch, however, the most comprehensive book covering symbolism and measurements I've come across.

5: Back in Time 3104 B.C. to the Great Pyramid ,166p, 1990 by Socrates G. Taseos, ISBN 0-9626053-0-1

Recommended: An excellent book dealing with all aspects of the various theories of pyramid construction, preparation of the site, quarrying and shipping of stones, etc. The author performs many calculations to determine the number of stones used, weights, number of men needed to lift, number of hauling ropes, stresses and friction coefficients, etc. Also as a bonus there is the complete list of Kings of Egypt in hieroglyphics as well as a beginner's guide to hieroglyphics!

10: The Coming Star-Shift and many Prophecies of the Bible, 1948 by O. Gordon Pickett

A bizarre book. Full of what appears to be numerology diagrams and very little explanatory text. However, there are a great deal of detailed diagrams of the various passages and rooms with the rooms unfolded and all blocks an stones layed out. There seems to be a goodly amount of diagrams reproduced from books no longer in print.

11: The Delicate Balance ,200p., 1989 by John Zajac, ISBN 0-910311-57-9

A condensed version of the symbolisms found in the Great Pyramid, including the time prophecies. Describes the Dogon tribe and the miracle at Fatima, Portugal. Also deals with other signals of political an economic nature that point to catastrophic consequences. Some interesting information on the origins of the banking system and of the prophecies experienced by George Washington. Borrow this one if you can. Perhaps the audio tape is more interesting than the book.

14: Dramatic Prophecies of the Great Pyramid ,400 p., 44th ed, 2nd English translation, 1974 by Rodolfo Benavides, ISBN 0-914732-00-5

Good diagrams. Covers all topics of geometry related to Earth and cosmic relationships, as well as prophetic predictions. Original written about 1963 so some of the predictions for 1963 through 1990 are interesting to read.

18: The Egyptian Pyramids: A Comprehensive and Illustrated Reference ISBN 0-89950-461-2, 341 p., 1990 by J. P. Lepre

A fairly thorough survey of all of the known pyramids, the pharaoh's, and associated genealogy. Does a good job of conveying the progress of pyramid design over time and the various religious and burial rites practiced. Has diagrams and sketches of all major pyramids.

26: The Great Pyramid Decoded , by Peter Lemesurier

I'll get this review done someday... Still reading.

33: Great Pyramid Proof of God , by George Riffert

I'll get this review done someday... Still reading.

43: The Great Pyramid, It's Secretes and Mysteries Revealed , by Piazzi Smyth

I'll get this review done someday... Still reading. This is a 1978 reprint of the 1880 edition entitled "Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid.

55: Mountains of Pharaoh , by Leonard Cottrell

I'll get this review done someday... Still reading.

57: The Mysteries of the Great Pyramid , by Phlippe Aziz

I'll get this review done someday... Still reading.

59: Mysteries of the Mummies ,192 p., 1978 by Rosalie David, ISBN 0-684-16171-0

An account of the pathological and histological examination of mummy #1770 done in 1975 at the Manchester University Medical School. Contains X-rays, dental examinations, and facial reconstructions. All of the modern technological methods are used to glean information on the life of the mummy.

67: The Origin & Significance o fthe Great Pyramid , by C. Staniland Wake

I'll get this review done someday... Still reading.

68: The Orion Mystery: Unlocking the Secrets of the Pyramids , 325 p., 1994 by Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert, Crown Publishers, ISBN 0-684-16171-0

Deals with the 1993 discovery of the hidden room within the air-shaft of the Queen's Chamber and the air-shafts actually being star alignment pointers.

70: Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid ,452p., 1891 5th ed. by C. Piazzi Smyth, ISBN 0-89345-029-4

First edition was 1865! Is the source for a dozen of the drawings seen in more modern books. Difficult to follow due to the style of writing of Victorian English. Points out that most of the knowledge and symbolisms have been known for 100+ years or more.

73: Propehcies of Melchi-Zedek in the Great Pyramid and the Seven Temples , by Brown Landone

I'll get this review done someday... Still reading.

81: Pyramid Odyssey , by William R. Fix

I'll get this review done someday... Still reading.

83: Pyramid Prophecies , 368p., 1988 by Max Toth, Destiny Books, VT, ISBN 0-89281-203-6

Has an interesting chapter on a crystal sphere with the image of the 3 pyramids in it. It was claimed to have been recovered from an underwater pyramid in the Bermuda Triangle while searching for sunken treasure ships.

85a: Pyramidology - Boot II , by Adam Rutherford

I'll get this review done someday... Still reading.

88: The Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh ,108p., 1885 by W. M. Flinders Petrie, ISBN 1-85417-051-1

This is a fairly old book so there isn't much that is not covered in more recent material and with a modern english. However, in the 1990 edition there is an update by Zahi Hawass which details the cleaning and restoration process done on the great pyramid and has a fairly detailed description of the contents of the 5 boat pits.

89: The Pyramids of Ancient Egypt ,52p., 1990 by Zahi A. Hawass, ISBN 0-911239-21-9

Fairly light reading. Nothing much to add to the general Pyramid as proof of God subject but does have one nice picture of one of the funary boats associated with the Great Pyramid.

90: The Pyramids of Egypt , by I.E.S. Edwards

I'll get this review done someday... Still reading.

92: The Pyramids, an Enigma Solved , by Joseph Davidovits and Margie Morris

I'll get this review done someday... Still reading.

95: The Rape of the Nile , 399p., 1975 by Brian M. Fagan, ISBN 0-684-15058-1

Recommended: An excellent book dealing with the explorers, tourists, and archaeologists from the early 1800's onward and how they sought and removed antiquities from Egypt in the name of Britain, France, etc. There are photos and sketches of various temples, tombs and Egyptian art on nearly every page. The account of the exploits of Giovanni Belzoni would make a great movie! I think this is the best book on the exploration and discovery of the tombs and temples from the 1800's onward.

102: Secrets of the Great Pyramid , 1978 by Peter Tompkins, ISBN 0-06-090631-6

Recommended: A fine book. It not only deals with the measures and prophecies but also gives a fairly thorough history of each visitor and researcher of the Pyramid. Has extensive photos and period sketches. Not very detailed on the prophecies but very detailed on measurements and geometry as well as origins and derivations of the various units of measure of time

109: Study in Pyramidology , 263p., 1986 by E. Raymond Capt, ISBN 0-934666-21-0

Highly Recommended: If you only had one book you could buy, this should be it! It covers all aspects of the symbology of the Great Pyramid, has clear diagrams and pictures, is written in current English, and is reasonably priced at under $12.

110: Symbolic Prophecy of the Great Pyramid , H. Spencer Lewis

I'll get this review done someday... Still reading.

139: The Pyramids and the Patriarchs , 1952 by Exposition Press, LOC#52-5691

{review by Cathy Domokos} This book expands on the idea that there was never really an Egyptian ruler named Cheops or Khufu and that perhaps the Patriarch Abraham, among others were involved with the building of the Great Pyramid. It goes into more detailed reasoning why this may be so while giving more biblical proofs than most books.

140: Ice: The Ultimate Disaster , by Richard Noone

{review by Bruce McLellan} I find this a very interesting book and well writen. It deals with an up-comong disaster, but has a great deal of information about the pyramids. It also makes it's conclusions from information gained from the pyramids. Give it a read, I think that you will enjoy it. It is available from Amazon Books on the net:

142: Dispensational Truth , by Clarence Larkin

{review by Donny Eisenbach} I first read about the symbolism in the great pyramid in a book called Dispensational Truth by Clarence Larkin. It was written in the early nineteen hundreds. I strongly recommend it. It has a section on the great pyramid. It also has other sections dealing with everything that can possibly go along with the Bible. It's neat. It is very truthful and takes the Bible seriously and literally. You have to once you realize the stunning prophecies that have been fulfilled throughout the scriptures. It has lots of great detailed charts. Even one on the great pyramid.

144: The Eyes of the Sphinx , by Erich Von Daniken

{from the books cover jacket} New research showing that the location and design of the pyramids were uniquely fit for preservation-something the Egyptians couldn't possibly have known. Remains of the ships built by the Pharoahs and buried with them for travel in the afterlife-imitations of the ships they saw used by men from the sky. The most recent discoveries-hidden chambers and passageways, one of which ends at an ancient door. And behind the door is... The Unknown.

147: The Great Pyramid, Man's Monument to Man , by Tom Valentine Stark

I'll get this review done someday... Still reading.

151: The Truth , by Thomas Mills

I find the oral history of the Hopi Indians about how the earth has been destroyed multiple times very interesting... The last time being destroyed by flood. These "Hopi Tablets" are very curious as well. I'd never heard of them before and they sound as those they may be related to the Ten Commandments of Moses in some way. Read more about this book at the author's website at:
By all means buy a copy for yourself and make up your own mind!

159: The Giza Power Plant , by Christopher Dunn

by: Stephen Mehler (
Christopher Dunn has written a tremendous book--far and away the best work about the Great Pyramid in the last 25 years. Using his background as a master machinist and engineer, Chris has seen the Great Pyramid as it really was and is, a magnificent structure built by master craftspeople (scientists and engineers) to be a practical device, a power plant. Chris explains why it was built so precisely, why the particular materials were used and how advanced machining and techniques had to be employed to accomplish the task. Anyone interested in recovery of ancient wisdom, understanding how the Great Pyramid could not possible have been originally designed and built as a tomb for a king, and interested in the concepts of sacred geometry, acoustical harmonic resonance theories and the great knowledge of the Ancient Khemitians (Egyptians) must read this book!

160: The Phoenix Solution - Secrets of a Lost Civilisation , by Alan Alford

My review is in the works... Still reading. So far it looks thoroughly researched and presents a balanced view of all sides of each argument. This book is available from Eridu Books

170: The Great Pyramid and the Bible , by Morton Edgar

I'll get this review done someday... Still reading. This is a small leaflet book of 45 pages or so that is an extract from the larger book by Edgar "The Great Pyramid Passages and Chambers".

171: Pyramid Power , by Max Toth and Greg Nielsen

I'll get this review done someday... Still reading.

172: Pyramids and the Second Reality , by Bill Schul and Ed Pettit

I'll get this review done someday... Still reading.

173: The First Practical Pyramid Book , by Norman Stark

I'll get this review done someday... Still reading.

175: The Complete Pyramid , by Mark Lehner

The title is just so right. This is a complete book on pyramids, from a scholarly perspective, with every known pyramid mentioned plus almost 600 illustrations, all very well done and many in color. This lovely hardbound book should be considered a must have for your reference collection.

176: The Great Pyramid Decoded , by E. Raymond Capt

I'll get this review done someday... Still reading.

177: The Treasures of Time , by Leo Deuel

I'll get this review done someday... Still reading.

178: The Great Pyramid Speaks : An Adventure in Mathematical Archaeology , by Joseph B. Gill

I'll get this review done someday... Still reading.

179: The Great Pyramid in the Light of Archaeologic Research , by J. O. Kinnaman

I'll get this review done someday... Still reading.

180: Pyramid , by David Macauley

Large hardbound book with some nicely done original artwork by David Macauley to illustrate the more popular theories of how pyramid construction was done. This is the third is a series of books by this other, the other two being "Cathedral" and "City".

181: Pyramids , by Editions Gallimard

I nice little childrens book with rich, colorful pages and numerous transparent overlays. It has pictures of construction techniques, embalming, etc. About 25 pages.

184: Isis or the Search for Egypt's Buried Past , by Pierre Montet, translated by Bradford G. Adams

I'll get this review done someday... Still reading.

185: The Curse of the Pharaohs , by Yves Naud

I'll get this review done someday... Still reading.

186: Pyramid of Secrets : The Architecture of the Great Pyramid Reconsidered in the Light of Creational Mythology , by Alan Alford

I have this book on order. It will take some time to get to it in my reading queue. This book is available from Eridu Books

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