Background of Tim Hunkler

Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Second eldest of six boys. Went to parochial gradeschool through grade 8. Enjoyed soccer in 7th and 8th grades. Grade school chess champion. Favorite classes were science and math. In the boy scouts until I learned that Klondike Derby meant camping outside in the winter! Built and raced a soap box derby. Essentially a geek.

Attended Wayne public high school. Favorite classes were woodshop and physics. Won a national competition by Stanley Tools for a woodshop project I did in 10th grade. In the absence of a high school soccer team I coached soccer for my old grade school for two years. Still a geek, couldn't get any dates so I spent a lot of time studying and building up skills at playing pool with my friends who also couldn't get a date (except for Brian R.). Took two years of typing, not because I had any vision that computers would make typing a necessary skill, but because the class was full of girls. Didn't get a date but learned to type pretty fast. Spent my Friday and Saturday nights studying because I couldn't get a date. Did I mention I was a geek? Eventually graduated valedictorian. There might be a connection there somewhere.

Attended Ft. Wayne branch of Purdue University in the BSEE program. Played on the soccer team my first year until I found out what a 18 credit hour load in engineering could do to your free time. Lettered in soccer. Worked part time at just about everything from removing the bottlecaps from returnable soda bottles, outside, during 3rd shift, in January to tearing down and reconfiguring computers. Finally got a date, but she dumped me. Turned to computers. Helped form the computer games club for after hours access to Univ. of Illinois Plato system. Spent tons of hours learning how to program in the specialized language "TUTOR" for the sole purpose of writing games. Worked on a little "Empire" clone called "Seawar" with a couple of buddies. Decided that programming was fun and dropped out of BSEE program to enter the Computer Science program. Went one semester and decided the classes were too easy and I knew more than the instructor, switched back to BSEE but kept up CS as a minor. Somehow managed to get on the Dean's list each year and graduate from Purdue in 1982. Moved away from home for a job with Motorola. Married my first wife Karen (1956-2003) in 1983 and we eventually had three lovely daughters, Holly, Samantha, and Sabrina.

Started putting down lots of roots, bought real estate, and gathered enough toys and debts to guarantee that I have to work until I die to maintain all this junk. In 2003 I unexpectedly found myself trying to figure out life as a widower, father, and mother, all rolled into one. The next two years were the most unhappy of my life, as I tried to balance home, kids, work, and tried dating again for the first time in over two decades!!! But, my life has since been blessed with a new wife Shelby, and her son Zane. She brings true joy and happiness back into my life and we look forward to many happy years together. (wedding family shot). (casual family shot).

Some hobbies and things I like to do

Even though I work with them all day, I still like to play on computers. If it's fast, I like it. If it's faster than what I have, I want it. It will probably always be that way. But I also really enjoy woodworking. "making sawdust" is what I call it. I enjoy camping in the pine forest and hiking along wooded trails as well. I'd much rather be sitting on the edge of a cliff out in the wilderness than attending a play or dinner somewhere. I really enjoy whitewater rafting in 4-6 man rafts. I was first introduced to this activity in the tropics of Australia. I loved it and have been trying to obtain the same experience here in the U.S. ever since.

In the time before kids I was a fairly avid reader, mostly fiction. I was in some book of the month clubs for years so with that and with buying childrens books to spur their education I have a fairly reasonable book collection now. I like Kung-Fu movies. Even bad ones. Good ones are hard to find nowadays although Steven Segal's films come pretty close and Jackie Chan's are entertaining. Actually the kids and I are Jackie Chan fans now, and see all his new movies. I love to plink at targets with small caliber rifles, although it's hard to find a place to do that anymore. There's something about unloading a clip into a can or other target that gives a sense of satisfication. I do not use guns to hunt or kill animals as I try to respect wildlife and nature. You will never see me dropping a gum wrapper or littering anywhere. I love fireworks. I never got to have them when I was a kid in Indiana. Then a year or so after I moved to the SouthWest they made them legal to buy in Indiana! I thought with all the open space and desert that fireworks would be OK out west but its so dry that they are not legal here. Sigh. I love the old fashioned pinball machines and used to own three of them. I'm also into kites. I've got a collection of 6 or so delta's, hybrids, and one stunt flyer. Lot's of fun and mostly harmless. My daughters and I go to the park with the kites from time to time. In my youth I played a fair game of billiards and after a 22 year wait I finally own my own table. Our game room also sports some Japanese slot's now as well. I've also rekindled an interest in pyramidology over the last few years, specifically with aspects of the Great Pyramid.

Places visited

Travel is fun as long as it is for pleasure. Business travel can be a pain. Along the years I've been to a few places: Bermuda, Hawaii, Dominican Republic, New Zealand, Australia, Great Barrier Reef, Cabo San Lucas, Munich, Egypt, and Playa del Carmen. Along the way I've learned nothing beats the good 'ol USA. We are spoiled by convenience, fast food, clean water, real toilets, and luxury here. Within the USA I've visited at least 35 states and hope to get to them all someday, swam in both oceans, and gone to places like Disneyland, Universal Studios, Disney World, Mammoth Caves, Epcott Center, Grand Canyon, Tonto Natural Bridge, Cedar Point, Smithsonian, Henry Ford Museum, Crystal Caves, the Hermitage, China Town, St. Louis Arch, Lincoln Memorial, Sea World, Magic Mountain, zoo's in Chicago, Portland, San Diego, Washington DC, Phoenix, Dayton, Tucson, and Ft. Wayne. I've been on lot's of tours but a few stand out: an Archway cookie factory (yum), Key-III candies (chocolate covered caramels, more yum), the Bureau of Engraving (watching them print those $100's), the GM truck production plant, Ft. Wayne (1 truck/minute).

Favorite Quote

In reference to documenting software:
"It was hard for me to write so it should be hard for you to read." -- unknown

Career Experience and other weird talents

What's the phrase "Jack of all trades -- master of none"? That can be applied to the majority of my skills and experience: Boy scouts, can swim, can sail and canoe, chop wood, build fires. Built a soap box derby. I've worked on engines, brakes, and transmissions. I've painted at least 6 cars. A little welding. Put on shingles, ceiling tile, paneling, and plumbing. Helped build a house. I've landscaped yards, flown kites, been in a hot air balloon, a glider, and multiple river rafts. Built my own photographic enlarger and done B/W photography. Published in BYTE magazine. Repaired and restored pinball machines. Short order cook. Gun sales. Accomplished on multiple items of woodworking gear such as planer, joiner, lathe, mortise-n-tenon, router, tablesaw, etc., and a few metalworking such as lathe and mill. I've bailed straw, run a cultivator on soybeans. Cut grass. Manufactured chess sets. Sacked groceries. Picked stock from a warehouse. Separated metals from junked washing machines. Even removed walnut hulls as a job.

Operated injection molding machine. Applied pesticides for Orkin. Substituted as the bottle cap remover at a Pepsi bottling plant. Built my own stereo equilizer. Played sys-admin to an RSX-11M, wrote in various programming languages: Macro-11, IBM 370, 8080, 8086, 6800, 6809, 68000, PL/M, PL/I, Algol, C, Fortran, Tutor, Ample. Designed imbedded microprocessor systems, bit-slice DSP engines, custom A/D acquisition systems, architected a number of ASICs. Published software for Atari ST's. Owned multiple home computers: Timex Sinclair, TI 99/4A, Amiga, Atari 520, Atari 1040, Mac SE, Apollo 3500's, 5500's, and of course lot's of PC's. I took stock the other day and I have 3X as many computers in my home as TV's.

Application support for a myriad of CAD/CAE/EDA tools from Mentor Graphics V7: Neted, Symed, Piced, Doc, PCB, Quicksim, Quickfault, Quickpath, Mspice, Accusim, Cellgraph, Chipgraph. Also many V8 tools: DSS, Falcon Framework, Ample, Quicksim-II, System-1076, FastScan, FlexTest, DFTAdvisor, Autologic. I've written complex digital simulation models for RAMs and other devices, studied VHDL. I've constructed fairly complex shell scripts using /bin/sh, /bin/ksh and awk. Acted as sys-admin and advisor for Apollo workstation environments. I've created and supported ATPG models and libraries and worked on a number of design projects as the design-for-test expert. I've joined a startup company, been sued by a larger one, and aquired by another. I am currently unemployed and considering a permanent retirement. If it weren't for the lack of money, it would be an easy choice. Work, work, work. Ain't life interesting.

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